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Who we are?

Although we are talking about a young company, the fact of contributing an additional value to our Costumers, with a culture clearly focused to the service to our costumers and to the highest quality (FC, GMP, USP, EUR, FDA, etc.) in a scene ISO 2001-2008, and with a price in market fixed to the maximum to the requirements received, has allowed Global Quimia to consolidate the company in the sector.

Our Commercial Team is absolutely established in the sector, due to the fact that all it members are working for more than twenty years those markets, with the advantages of that situation, moved always by an spirit of continue improving in the service to our costumers.

Our warehouses and logistic services comply with all requirements in the different quality rules.

Then, the permanent aim of offering the costumer the product and the service which adapts perfectly to it necessities has resulted in the fact of getting a product portfolio increasing day by day and updating day by day, and the research in international markets of all kind of products for the activities which are developing the companies in our sectors, and the organization of the company, with an agile structure, allows us to attend to our costumer necessities quickly.

Global Quimia is a company established in 1997, dedicated to Distribution-Representation for companies all over the world and actually is offering its services for all chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial, veterinarian, candle, textile, food and similar industries sectors.

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